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Great sleep tracker

I love it!

Rather outstanding

I’ve had several activity trackers over the decade. They have had their strengths and weaknesses. Up until now, the Jawbone UP3 was the best for sleep tracking. My Garmin Vivoactive HR was great for activity, but terrible for monitoring sleep. I finally gave in to the Apple Watch series 4, and love it, but am still surprised that they don’t outright offer sleep tracking. I have a varied schedule and work nights, so knowing how behind or on track with sleep is very difficult. I skeptically bought the AutoSleep triad of apps and have been amazed at their accuracy. The auto sleep detect has been right on. And I am impressed with the ability to distinguish deep sleep. I can tell when that is accurate as well... I’ve felt tired after 7 hours of sleep and the app shows I got no deep sleep. Conversely, I’ll make up for it with 6 or 7 hours of sleep and have 3 hours of deep sleep and I feel great. So I know it’s accurate. The breakdown of my averages of sleep and heart rate are very useful as well. It’s not perfect. I’ve taken naps in the late afternoon that it has missed. But overall, the accuracy is stunning. This is money extremely well-spent. It adds so much value to my Apple Watch for me. I can’t believe Apple has ignored this aspect of its health applications. But AutoSleep is about as good as it gets.

Stress is not my friend

It’s great to see how my habits affect my sleep patterns. Learning to sleep lol. Great tool.

Use every night

I use this every night to monitor sleep so that I don’t fall behind due to excessive travel issues which can throw off sleep schedules

Great app!!

Best sleep app there is!

One of more accurate sleep trackers w Apple Watch

I have tried several sleep trackers. Specifically Sleep++ and pillow. I find that both of those interpret time lying down in bed or on a couch as sleeping. The net result being greatly inflated calculated sleep time, on the order of hours. I don’t have a different means of sleep calculation to compare AutoSleep to, some scientific “gold standard”. AutoSleep gives me a more accurate sleep time then the above apps. Thanks the the app and please examine the sleep time measured for accuracy. I’m using the sleep time to measure against intellectual and biking performance. It’s an inexpensive method to achieving my analysis.

The best

Tried the top four sleep apps to track my narcolepsy/EDS and what meds worked best. By far this was the best. Lots of options to dial it in to get pretty accurate sleep detection. Bought the package deal and use the heartbeat detector to see if any meds were dangerously increasing my heart rate so I could use the safest medication that still works for me.


I have used a ton of different apps and methods to track my sleep and heart rate due to a chronic disease called ankylosing spondylitis affecting my heart and heart rate as well as every other major organ system in my body. This app that utilizes the apple watch is by far the best app I’ve ever found in terms of giving me accurate data when compared with hospital and doctor supplied testing equipment. In fact it works so well my heart doctor has agreed to allow me to track my heart rate with my watch as long as I send him regular exports of all the data and wear my watch 22 of 24 hours per day which I do. It’s so much more attractive and easy to have to keep on my person than the heart monitors are. Thanks apple!

Auto sleep

Greatest sleep app ever

great appp

This will give you great insights about your sleep and its relationship to your consumption of various things.,exercise etc. my favorite app

Great App.

This App. seems to be the best one available until Apple decides to release their own. Very simple & easy to use.

Pretty good app that tracks sleep

It’s a little confusing though. A Revamp to make it similar would be nice.

Nice sleep counter. In depth details


Helps to understand my sleep patterns

The app does a nice job understanding my sleep patterns. I also use a COAP machine and it can tell the difference if I don’t use the machine and when I do use it.

Five Stars

This app is great. It automatically detects your sleep, even if you take a nap in the middle of the day. I love the weekly average.

It just WORKS!!!

Tried Pillow first because it looked a little neater from the color palette and number of reviews. Tried it for almost a week and never got it to function correctly on auto. Swapped to this one and it worked immediately! With relevant, accurate, and helpful info as soon as you get up in the morning! I love that it pays attention and factors in whether I pick up and start playing on my phone after I’m in bed. Eye opening when you see how much time you waste from getting your full sleep!! Using Apple Watch and charging while i watch tv and get ready for bed instead of all night has worked without any issue. Love love love the app! Thank you!!

Calculation is way off

The calculation is way off. I slept 7.5 hours last night and this app notified I slept for 11 hours and 35 minutes. I accept some errors, but four hours is just ridiculous. I plan on updating my review as it improves, but currently this app is less than a star — completely useless.

Scarily Accurate

It’s pretty crazy how much this app get right. They’ve got the numbers down when it comes analyzing sleep.

Not a fan

Not impressed by this app. Got it replace my Fitbit sleep tracker since I now have an Apple watch. This app, in my opinion, is not intuitive to use. It also gives pretty inaccurate sleep data - compared it the first night with the Fitbit and the two had drastically different data. No matter how much I try to adjust the sensitivity, it’s still off (as in saying I got WAY more sleep than I actually did). Ditching this app and trying something else. Wish I could get my money back.

Sleep accountability

This app helps me gamify sleep—to make myself compete with myself for more (needed) sleep. I’d like to see a few tweaks for data display, but I’m grateful for its simplicity.

Love it

Love this app. Very informative! Helped me realize why I always feel so tired LOL

Great app

I enjoy this app a lot. As a person with a panic disorder, it’s very interesting to see how certain events throughout my day effect my sleep patterns. It’s very accurate where showing periods of sleep and awake are concerned.

Not only is the app great...

Not only is the app great, I also very much appreciate the way in which AutoSleep asked for a review. No dialogue box popping up out of nowhere. Just a small "Are you enjoying this app?" at the bottom of the page full of information about your sleep. If you click yes, they ask if you wouldn't mind leaving a review. Wonderful. I don't review many apps because I find the entire system to be super annoying. Thanks for doing a good job all around, AutoSleep.

Great App!

This is a fantastic app! It really puts into clear terms how bad I am at sleeping. The heart rate is great and seeing how high it stays after a night of adult beverages is shocking. Shows what effects alcohol can have on your heart.

Best sleep app

Used others but this is now my favorite and looks great on the Apple Watch 4

Great app

I’ve tried many free apps but this one is the best if you spare little $ as one cup of coffee.

Keeps me on track

Like this app a lot. It really helps to see when I sleep well and when I don’t. I can adjust my sleep habits from the info I get on the app like changing what time I go to bed, what I have eaten during the day and how much exercise I have done. Very pleased.

Great app!

Lots of info about your sleep or lack there of. Easy to install and understand results. Just make sure to charge your phone during the day at some point. Enjoy!

Awesome app!

Have been using this app for a couple of years now. Helps me analyze and compensate my sleep. Great product.

Amazing and Beautiful

The app’s menus are pretty bare when you first open it, but after one night’s rest it’s legible, usable, and beautiful. Lots of small touches that add up to a delightful app. I love it. Tip: set your watch to Theater Mode to conserve battery life when wearing it to bed.

Great app

Great app


Great detailed analysis, could use apnea check?

Sleep Review

I have a hard time getting it to be sensitive enough to track my sleep, but when I tweak it then it goes to the extremes of calibration. I get a little frustrated on that end because I need this info to track for my doctors use and the meds we are trying to figure out which one is working best for me.

Not accurate

I used to have a Fitbit and the sleep detection on it was amazing, so when I bought my Apple Watch I wanted to be able to measure my sleep as well. This app is incredibly inaccurate - it says I slept for hours longer than I actually did. It’s disappointing it doesn’t work because I paid for it, I’ve been testing it for months but it just doesn’t work.


I’ve tried a few and this one provides the most consistent results and is the easiest to decipher. 5 stars.

Very Helpful

I enjoy the insight to my sleep and heart rate. It makes me more conscientious to my sleep patterns and how I feel the next day. With that knowledge, I make the effort to improve.

Not accurate anymore

This app worked well until IOS 12. Wife said I was snoring while app said I was awake. Hmmmm

Excellent app

Not as intuitive as some others but great

The easiest and best sleep monitor I’ve found

Tried two other sleep apps before I found this one when I bought my Apple Watch 3. It’s so easy. You never turn it in or off so can’t forget anything. I’ve learned so much about how my sleep is affected by food, exercise, alcohol, sugar, and reading and TV. It was so great I surprised my wife, who has been a troubled sleeper since the baby was born, and it changed her life too. Thanks

Great app

Love it!

Easy and informative

Easiest graphic user interface to understand love all the details and reports.

Mejor app

El mejor app para monitorear los sueños A++

Use it everyday.

One of my go-to health apps. Check it first thing every morning. Has improved my sleep habits and my health.

So far....

Last night was the first night that I used it. Learned a ton!!! Would have thought I slept more. Great insight



Auto Sleep

Please continue to keep this App working and bring new features.5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s. AWESOME

Absolute Sleep

Great app. I use it with my Apple Watch. Tracking my deep sleep has really motivated me to take action to get better sleep. The days with one , two or three hours of deep sleep are so different!! I can move mountains with three hours compared to no hours of deep sleep I would appreciate a reading of deep sleep vs REM sleep in a future update.

Fantastic app

I’ve tried quite a few different apps to help track sleep. This is by far the best and easiest to use. I live the averages it give you for the amount of sleep, heart rate, and how deep you sleep. It also gives you a comparison on how your individual nights compare to you 7 night average. The app automatically tracks your sleep once you fall asleep. I have noticed that it won’t track naps shorter than 20 minutes unless you are in a very deep sleep or manually tell the app you are asleep.

So far. Great sleep tracker

I used to be a Fitbit owner then went to the Apple Watch. The one thing I loved that the Apple Watch did not have was sleep tracking which the Fitbit does. After a few weeks reading reviews on sleep tracking apps this one always seemed to be in the top 2. The app takes a bit getting used to but it’s great. I downloaded the app, answered a few questions and the next thing I knew it had given me my sleep tracking for the whole week. The layout is very Co loans you would think it was made by Apple as it fits with there health apps. The information is mostly spot on give or take a few min, and I must say it has more data then the Fitbit app. For my first app ever purchasing I am very pleased.

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