AutoSleep Tracker for Watch App recensioner


This is a great app. I have restless legs and the data I get is very helpful in my treatment! I love that I don't have to remember to start the app before I go to sleep. Thanks

I don’t nap

And yet it routinely says I’m asleep multiple times throughout the day. I need a way to tell this app that I’m only asleep at night.

Great to track sleep habits

Very helpful especially if you are uncertain about your sleep time and/ quality

Finally! An app that catches Up!

This is not rocket surgery. The watch has always had an accelerometer, but automatically tracking sleep has eluded app developers all this time, even though Jawbone Up has done this for years with much much cheaper hardware to work with. This app tracks sleep automatically. A no-brainer, really. It's absurd to have to touch go and stop buttons to track sleep, but that's what all the other apps require. Feature request: Now if only the developers will add a smart alarm that vibrates the watch *after* a deep REM cycle within a user-defined time frame. (The exceptional feature of the Up.)

Auto Sleep for Apple Watch - these guys really take their App seriously

Auto Sleep and Heart Watch (the Developers companion App for AutoSleep) for Apple Watch - these guys really take their Apps seriously. APPLE INC should recognize these Apps at 2018 WWDC Conference, these apps are that good. I’m a Heart Patient and use these two Apps for my Cardiologist and GP, along with KARDIA a device smaller than a Credit Card that will record ones EKG using your iPhone, or Apple Watch. Get these two Apps no matter your age. Tracking Heart & Sleep activity, resting heart rates etc is very important for overall health. When these App developers provide an update, they provide incredible care for the user experience. Jim.Wilson, Boca Raton, FL 33432

Really helpful

I've become much more aware of how important sleep is from using this app for over a year now. It has helped me make better decisions about the time I go to bed...even what I eat or drink in the evening because it effects how I sleep. Really like it!!!


The BEST sleep tracker available today. I used another very popular app for several years and was very pleased with it. This one is more accurate and provides MUCH more data. I love it!!!

Best of the best

I have used several iPhone apps for sleep analysis and AutoSleep is the best, by far. Their visuals – heart-rate vs. time graph, deep sleep time, etc. – are beautiful and provide me with more than enough information to know if something is amiss with my sleep. I wish this was standard for the Apple’s Health app, but I enjoy it so much the small price is well worth it.

Love this app

Only thing is it sometimes thinks I’m asleep & restless when I’m actually wide awake and just holding still. It is fairly accurate though. I use it every day.


Enjoying it

Best gauge ever

I used the Fitbit for over two years and it really helped me gauge my sleep but this app on my Apple Watch is much better. It actually tells me a lot more about what is happening as I sleep. Most of my nights are good but when they are not, it reflects that also. It is definitely worth having.

Surprisingly excellent

I never review apps, but this one is fantastic. With an Apple Watch it’s magic.

Great App

It seems to be pretty accurate...I love it!


After I reviewed all the sleep apps I’m happy that I chose this one, it had great ratings and is pretty spot on in accuracy! I enjoy this app and recommend it too all my friend & family!

Nice app

Finally I can track my sleep with apple watch, thank you.

The best!

Tracks graphs and analyzes everything! Its great!

Great app to track sleep and much much more!

I was using a free sleep app on my Apple Watch since I’ve bought myself one back in October. I must say I hate paying for apps at all but this was worth every penny. I would recommend his app to everyone in need of a sleep tracker.

Pointless for night shifters

I really like this app, but apparently because I don't sleep a normal day shift schedule, it'll never detect when I sleep. I work an overnight schedule, sleeping 12pm to 7:30pm-8pm, and that option isn't available for sleep detection... From what I see, I like the app. But worthless if you don't really work a normal shift. Sadly.

Luv luv luv

Awesome app.. Can’t say anything else about it. Absolutely amazing

Do not buy. Read other low reviews. They are accurate.

Do NOT waste your money. This app is terrible. I rarely spend money on apps and even more rare do I leave a review. But......I’ve worked with all the possible settings TRYING to get this app to record my sleep correctly. It continues to record my activity as sleep even when I’m up doing my normal daily activities. The only way I have been able to stop it from recording sleep all day is by setting quiet time. I set the entire block of time that it allows (starting at 12pm) as quiet time so that it doesn’t record it as sleeping. Also, it has recorded all as deep sleep even when I’m out walking the dog. And yes I wear my watch to bed and all during the day to get these readings. What?!?! Ridiculous app.


I’ve always wanted to see how well I sleep and the tracker really explains a lot of why I feel so sluggish or awake in the mornings! I love it!

Love it!

Easy to use and understand. Great breakdown of data.

Awake feature doesn’t work, UI isn’t user friendly

I have the settings configured so that when I move or use my iPhone, it indicates I was awake. Used it twice throughout the night/early morning and it didn’t register any awake time at all. Another night I woke up to use the bathroom and the following morning my awake time was 0:00 too. Besides that, the representation of data in the app isn’t very idee friendly at all. I transitioned from a Fitbit to my watch 3 and Fitbit’s sleep tracking was superb at detecting the different modes of sleep (light, deep, REM) along with when I was awake vs when I was restless. And they don’t even need to use the iPhone moving/being used as an indicator of being awake, it just knew based on my heart rate and the steps I took throughout the night (if any) whether I was awake or whether I was restless. Autosleep doesn’t seem to track the different modes of sleep well either, saying I only get 10-15% deep sleep based on my heart rate but that’s inconsistent with the Fitbit results. In this case I’m trusting the Fitbit more. I’m guessing it might have something to do with their algorithm, but there’s no way for me to tell based on autosleep’s display of data being overly complex to look at. Overall I don’t think it’s worth the money and plan on looking for another sleep app.

So good it’s scary

I’m amazed, it doesn’t miss a nap or the time I’m lying awake in bed. And I don’t need to tell it anything!

Great app for sleep monitoring

I recently downloaded this app on my Apple Watch to monitor my sleep activity. The app provides a great summary of sleep activity and provides weekly averages. I definitely recommend trying this app.

I’ve been very impressed

I downloaded it 6 days ago based on all the reviews and having the most stars. I’m just starting to understand all of the features. (I read reviews not instructions). I have an Apple Watch and I believe that would be the most accurate way for this app to work. It uses your heart rate from the watch to calculate your in and out of sleep patterns. When I first got my Apple Watch I thought the heart rate checker was a joke but I was wrong. This app gives you a full read out the next morning with color codes and graphs breaking down everything. Speaking of waking up....I do that a few times each night for trips to the bathroom. It shows how long it took for you to fall back to sleep if you just laid there verses going right back to sleep again. I also just laid in bed the other morning for what seemed like forever and it kept track of that time too. I’ve been very impressed.

Such a good app

The design, thoughtfulness, and overall information provided in this app is amazing. Takes a night or two to get a full grasp but man, kudos to the team that produces this app.

Wow this app is awesome 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

After downloading and researching multiple sleeping tracking apps. My search stop whit this wonderful app. It’s great and real accurate and now with the new update 5 is even better. Thank you.

Awesome way to figure out sleep issues

This easy to use and fun app helped me figure out why I was so tired, exhausted some days. After 2 days with zero deep sleep, i finally could see this is the problem. I quit having caffeine at all, and now have at least some deep sleep every night. Without the app, I would not have known this. I’m not a light sleeper though, and so would not have figured it out without a sleep study. Great graphics.

AutoSleep and Apple Watch

Getting the new Apple Watch and downloading the AutoSleep app is a wonderful tool in monitoring not only sleep, but how it works with my overall health! Thank you!!

Wonderful App

I have made adjustments the app gives a very good overview of your sleep.


Every morning I check my sleep numbers - the same way I check balances in my checking and investment accounts! I wouldn’t think of missing that morning report. I have made adjustments to my sleep behaviors and tweaked my lifestyle to achieve better sleep numbers. I feel better, sleep better and because of this huge assessor of all things sleep in my life I am a better me.

Best sleep app

I like the app. Track everything nicely.

Best sleep tracker. Nope

Says I slept 15 minutes last night. I slept 7 hours, watch on, tracker wrong.

This App is Useless

I am very disappointed with this app. I love the Fitbit sleep tracker. Functional and simple. This is complicated and just downright wrong about 50% of the term me.

Very cool!

This app is awesome. I don’t have any problems with my sleep I just thought it would be interesting to see what my sleep pattern looks like. This app is impressively accurate. I can lay down and take a five or ten minute nap and it can tell. I really like it with the Apple Watch. 👍🏼👍🏼😴


I have used the Fit Bit to record my sleep patterns in the past. From my experience, I can say that the Apple Watch Auto Sleep program is much more accurate and efficient. I find it much easier to understand and the graphics are vivid and easily interpreted.

Unbelievably good

After trying (and failing) with Pillow, I admit I was skeptical. I can now say confidently this is one of the best apps on my phone. Period. Layout, detail, organization — and above all, efficiency — make it a superior product. Seamless and accurate interplay with the Watch is nothing short of remarkable. I’m a fan. And my sleep is getting better too!

Best Apple Watch Sleep App

I didn’t think I’d find an App that does what I want it to with sleep tracking, but this is it! Works as described in their description. No problems or glitches. Pleasing aesthetics. Just enough complexities without overwhelming gadgetry. Now with longer life battery on series 3 watch (I upgraded from the original so this is huge for me) I simply recharge my watch in the morning during hygiene and I’m good to go for the rest of the day and night. Note: I have the GPS version only.

Great Sleep App for Apple Watch

I have tried a couple of other sleep apps and like this one the best. It just works! And the sleep metric displays are excellent. Highly recommended!


It's very accurate with Apple Watch.

Pure Crap

I have a Apple Watch 3 and this app does not work at all.

Auto sleep

Great App. Never slept very well, and now I can see, my pattern of sleep.

Loving the detail

I enjoy the data and presentation of that data with this app. I find I’m excited to ensure my Apple Watch is charged for each night just to have AutoSleep track my sleep. I’m no expert but I’m trying to understand how to use this beautiful data to improve my deep sleep amount. Maybe a future update will include guidance.

Better than Fitbit

I was an avid Fitbit disciple and really liked there sleep app. This one is better. Very detailed and easy to read. Easily customized to your sleep patterns.


Recently switched from fitbit to Apple Watch and I was worried about losing the sleep tracking aspect of fitbit. Let me tell you, this only made it better. Deeper analysis, tips and tricks, this is a great app. Five stars with confidence.

Great app!!

I love this app it is very good!! Because of this app I have learned when is the best time for me to go to bed. I went to bed at the time I had the best sleep in the past, and did the same again, and it proved to really be the best time to go bed. This is the best app so far.

Love it!

It’s the first thing I’ll look at every morning. I’m learned how little sleep I actually get.

Not a fan of the update

The new features are fine, but there have definitely been some adjustments as to how sleep is calculated. I didn’t stop sleeping, but since the update, I’m not sleeping as well. Seems like a crazy coincidence - one that causes me to make a lot of edits.

Great App

4 stars because there’s always room for improvement.

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