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The best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch.

This is the best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch. Before my Apple Watch I used a different activity tracker. It tracked my sleep so well, so when I went to an Apple Watch I still wanted to track my sleep. I tried several apps, but most only tracked when I turned them on, and when I turned them off. This app tracks quality of sleep, heart rate, and restlessness. It’s very detailed and very accurate. I’m not sure it’s as accurate as my previous tracker, but it’s the best I’ve had on my Apple Watch. I was also presently surprised to find it won’t drain your batter any faster than average. I simply charge my Watch in the hour or two before bed and then wear it to sleep. The only feature this app lacks is an alarm clock. It be nice to have it wake me based on my sleep cycle.

Fixed my own problem

After going through the health app i realized I didn’t give the app access to active energy there for wasn’t counting my watch movement into the data. Now it works exactly how it’s supposed

Great app!

Great info. It blows me away how it "learns" the user and is so accurate with knowing when that person is asleep. I think it needs some tweaks to UI/UX and to its user workflows but I very much appreciate having this app and the data it gives me. Thank you!

Never be so disappointed on a paid app

On some days it work perfectly and some other days it completely reverts my sleeping hour and awake hour. It won’t work no matter no I adjust the setting. The UI is old school and hard to navigate.


Totally useless. Gives you some made up “sleep performance”report whether you slept or not or wore the watch or not. Adds zero value, useful information or value to your life. Delivered annoying and interruptive reports and notifications with no obvious way to stop them. Even though I paid for the app, I deleted it. And ever since, I’ve been sleeping much better! Save your money.

Best app ever

I love this app. It works great and gives so much information on your sleep patterns. Best sleep app by far for Apple Watch

Does not work!

Dont know why so many people says this app works. I have purchased this app for few weeks. I always wear my watch to bed. It just does not do the job. It can not detect my wake up time at night and all the sleep time are deep sleep. It always says I'm sleeping at daytime. I did turn on monitor 24 hours. But at work, im constantly typing and walking. It always shows i have 1 hour here and there deep sleep time. The deep sleep calculation are WRONG!

Helpful ap

AutoSleep seems to work well. For international travel, I keep my phone on airplane mode. My watch stores the data until I return to the States and then updates the app when airplane mode is turned off. Would like to see some studies done to see how accurate the app is regarding deep sleep. At least the heart rate monitor has been evaluated and is very accurate.

Better than sleep tracking on a FitBit Blaze

Prior to getting an Apple Watch I had a FitBit Blaze which had really good sleep tracking built in. AutoSleep provides more detail and is significantly more configurable, including sleep sensitivity. The AutoSleep GUI is also done well, and presents the sleep details in a manner like the Apple Activity App. AutoSleep provides all the sleep related information I want. I had a few questions on using the app and got a response the same day. I like the app so much that I bought the companion HeartWatch app which works very well in conjunction with AutoSleep.

Excellent Sleep Tracker

I have used this app for a week. I had one issue with not capturing my awakes, I average at least 4 to 8 a night. A quick email to the support people and they got back to me in a few hours. Now awakes are captured. A great feature is the ability to “tweak” the setting to fit your sleeping patterns. Excellent app, great features, captures all the important sleep data.

Inconsistent Recording

The layout and setup aren’t the best. But nonetheless this app rarely records my sleep which is my biggest concern since I paid for this app. My phone and watch are new and updated so that’s not it. I think I will have to switch to a new app unfortunately.

Great app!!

Been using this app for over a month now and it's so accurate! Tons of data collected, easy to use, and no bugs!

Good sleep tracker.

I like the 7 day sleep average. I wish I could change it to 14 days.

This is the way software for an Apple product “should” work.

This product is thorough, automatic and beautiful. It even reports the result to Apple Health. My first impression of the price was that an automatic sleep tracker should be about a buck, but seeing all the work put into presenting, sorting, analyses... It is well worth the cost. Contrary to what I thought about the Apple Watch battery, I can wear it all day and sleep with it, then charge it in the morning. That lends itself to one more useful feature this app could incorporate: It could discern if I am awake and ‘up’, then remind me to charge it. Apple needs to create the mechanism to tell me when it is fully charged, beyond the iPhone Battery widget!

Fantastic app

It is nice to quantity why you don't feel rested on some days. Let's you know how restless you were through the night. I love it!

Fantastic and accurate

Like so many others, I was skeptical to try this out. But paired with my Apple Watch which I keep on over night, the accuracy is almost 100%. I’ve been now working in testing it out for three weeks, and it’s spot on every night. It’s the best sleep tracking app I’ve been able to find so far, definitely a keeper and worth the price

What All Apps Should Be

The people that created and continue to improve this app should be very proud. This is what all apps should aspire to be like: It has features that you don’t even know you want. It has the ability to tweak the results so that they stay meaningful and reliable. It works great without be intrusive or getting in the way. It works with minimal interaction from the user, until you want to interact. It’s very visual and does a great job painting a picture of your sleep health (good or bad as it may be). Huge thanks to the developer team!

All-encompassing and accurate!

I was skeptical that a third party app would work well, and skeptical about sleep tracking in general. I bought my first smart watch (Apple), and gave this a try based on the reviews. Even the negative reviews were about trivial things not related to how this product performs. The sleep and wake times in this app are pretty spot on, and it has many metrics with lots of data (restlessness, deep sleep, awake, heart rate). There are even different profiles for different types of users (like athletes/normal people/standard high heart rate). My only complaint is that I’d like to know how it calculates some of this to be able to make changes to my sleep pattern to get the most benefit. For example, are “restless” moments any time I move my wrist, or true tossing and turning? What constitutes “deep sleep”? I almost returned my Apple Watch when I found out it didn’t have built in sleep monitoring, but this inexpensive app has saved the day for the Apple Watch. I’m impressed.

I want to love this app

This app could be great, but I just feel that it needs some work. I’m not sure why the UI is set up the way it is since it is not user-friendly at all. I would consider myself pretty “tech-savvy” and I have a hard time figuring out this app. The main display is fine, but I still feel it could use an update too. Trying to figure out all of the tabs and what everything inside the app does + how to use it is frustrating when it should be designed to be simple. For whatever reason my data keeps recording that I fall asleep right around 12am every night. This is not always the case, and I don’t touch my phone after I’m in bed, so the only reason why this could be happening could be from a noise app that has a timed shut off. I’m not sure why this would be triggering a phone movement but that’s the only thing that seems to make sense. This would all be fine if I could just edit the time I actually fell asleep, but again, the UI is so frustratingly bad on the edit tab that it seems impossible to do. You can only hit “less” or “more” sleep, but it doesn’t let you control where this is adding or taking away from. So if I add more then it starts counting the time I started working at my desk in the morning (when I was not moving). I would love to see an updated UI including easier to use controls within the app. I really really want to love this app but there are some things that need updating.

Reliable data

I've enjoyed the information this app provides. I think it's among the most complete data and easy to read/decipher. You'll be pleased.

Works very well

This app works very well for me, and I’ve come to rely on it for tracking my sleep. As a plus, if you have questions, their customer support is very good and fast.

Sleep Patterns

I am have been disabled for the last four years. When you are laid up its difficult to get proper sleep because sedentary is not conducive to great sleep. This app lets me know strategies that actually work. Awesome!

Almost perfect

This app is fantastic at tracking my sleep. I especially like seeing how much deep sleep I obtained. The one area where it can be improved is by adding (for Apple Watch) an alarm functionality with the following options: haptic-only alarm option, gentle waking music that slowly rises in volume option, intelligent alarm with intelligent snooze to wake you up in a window of time (like 30 minutes) when you’re in a light sleep but won’t allow you to snooze past your final wake up time.


Great app


More than just installing app and wear your watch to bed. Instructions not that clear

App love

This is the best sleeping tracking app I have used from the App Store! I like that's there are many features to look at like deep sleep, rest fullness, heartbeat, and sleep quality. I also like the 12/24 hour tracking so on a day I need a nap it adds it to my sleep from the previous evening.

Now broken

Completely broken after Watch OS 4.0. How the heck can you say I’m sleeping at midnight when I’m a nurse who works in a busy ICU from 7 pm until 7 am?! Yet somehow I supposedly got 6 hours of “deep sleep?” If this isn’t fixed I guess I’ll go back to Fitbit for sleep tracking. They never mess this up.

Works Amazing

Really good app with a lot of adjustments and flexible features.

Phenomenal sleep tracker!

Update: lately the app has not been tracking sleep as well. Some days, nothing is tracked. Other days it’s clearly wrong. I went a few days where no data was getting pulled into the app. I can see the pulse data in the Apple Health app, so I know the data is there. Downgraded to 3 stars —————- Pair this app with the Apple Watch 2 for the best sleep tracking yet. I've had just about every sleep tracker ever made. Wrist bands like jawbone(every version) and Fitbit, etc etc. Even a few headbands like the Zeos. This is my favorite so far. Great app. Total bargain.

Love it

I had not slept well for months, and I originally sought The app for a school project, however I realized I loved it and kept it. It later help me to realize how little of deep sleep I was getting and I was able to share my results with my doctor. Which in turn led to the discovery that I have restless leg syndrome. The great thing is I can look back over the past few months and see the difference in my sleep patterns and compare them to now! This app is fantastic it is helpful and so many ways!!!

Undoubtedly, the best app I have ever purchased… And I mean that!

I am suspect of any review with a title such as the one I have given this one, but I assure you that I am a retired fellow who has never worked for any app developer. Further I have never before taken the time to write a review. Frankly, I have purchased dozens of applications over the years, but before this one, none have compelled me to share my delight with others! I have had trouble sleeping, off and on, for quite some time. This app has help me to take an in-depth look my sleeping habits, the number of times that I awake during the night to use the bathroom, etc., and more. With this better understanding, I have been able to work on those sleeping habits, and I’m happy to say that I already see improvement. It was an easy adjustment to wearing my Apple Watch to bed. I recently purchased a new series 3 Apple Watch (non-cellular) so I have the luxury of having two of them, the older of which I now wear to bed, and the other which I wear during the day. One always stays on the charger and the other on my wrist. To be certain, though, as Apple watches charge quickly, two watches are not at all necessary to fully utilize this app. This app is very easy to set up and use and works seamlessly with the HeartWatch app, which I have also purchased and am delighted with. AutoSleep is undoubtedly the best app I have ever purchased. The amount of very useful data provided and the accuracy thereof is nothing short of amazing. There are many of us who suffer from sleep problems and I can’t recommend this app enough to anyone who also has this problem.

So complicated and inaccurate

This app is hard to understand. Too complicated. Not a friendly User experience. Maybe if the developer will offer a free course on how to use it, will improve the experience. Apple Watch series 3 app does not work properly. Went to bed with watch and data was not accurate. Meh

Does not work

So the app says I don’t need to do anything. Just wear my watch and it will automatically track sleep. Well it did that the first day. And then it didn’t the day after.

Great tracking app

Wow I’m so glad I purchased this app, I can finally track my sleep again, and the series 3 Apple Watch has amazing battery life! It helps me with my anxiety and insomnia to make sure I focus on getting more sleep- though that is anxiety inducing but helps me focus on what to work on myself. The only gripe I have is the design of the app, I know it’s no big deal but I just wish it looked better! But that’s just me 5 stars I would buy this again to check my my sleep.

Best sleep app for Apple Watch

I have the series 3 lte Watch, before this Watch I had a Fitbit, I absolutely loved it for its tracking capabilities. It would track your sleep which is amazing, caught every nap and true sleep. It’s unfortunate that the Apple Watch doesn’t do this automatically, but when I found the app I thought I’d give it a shot, it’s amazing, it does track my sleep and naps just like Fitbit, without me having to do anything. I love it! I hope Apple will soon integrate a sleep function on the watch soon like Fitbit. This app is definitely worth the money, it’s relatively cheap too. Def worth it. It syncs to health app which i love too.

It just works!

Seriously all around great app. No tinkering needs to be done. It’s so easy to use, just go to sleep and wake up to sleep data. I love that I don’t even need to open the app nor even have the app installed on my Apple Watch. The greatness doesn’t stop there though, the communication for support is superb. I received my reply the same day (which I didn’t even expect) when I reached out to them and they were very nice and informative.

Have to tweak every night

I love all the info this app provides, but frankly I don’t find it to be very accurate. On nights that I’ve tossed and turned and know I was awake for several hours it tells me I slept >8 hours and was only awake for <10 min. It’s great that I can tweak it, but would expect the app to calibrate after a few nights of doing this. If I have to manually tweak it every night, doesn’t seem very “Auto”.

Great customer support

Had a problem with the app as soon as I downloaded it. Support responded to my email right away and helped me resolve the issue. Very pleased with the app.

Excellent sleep tracker, despite complex UI

Highly recommended! Overall the app is pretty great. It seems to track sleep pretty well. I compared it with a Zeo headband tracker and it was pretty close for overall sleep. Only concern is the UI and controls are a bit complicated and take some time to understand. Also, the documentation is sparse. For example it doesn't explain the "tweak" process very well or the "alternate sensitivity" scale. Adjusting more/less sleep yields some unexpected results. It appears that editing sleep time is only possible in 15 minute segments, which is too large. This app is a great way to track sleep with an Apple Watch.

Near perfect

I love the idea of this app. It seems designed to be used effortlessly. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. The settings are great. For me, the only drawback is accuracy. Some days it showed I slept for ten and a half hours, when maybe it was about seven. On closer inspection, the app thought I was sleeping in the evening time, so I had to edit that time out. Other days it’s spot on. So overall, the app is definitely worth my time and money. Great job!

Easy to use and informative

Ever wonder why you feel sluggish for days. Why memory is failing? This app helps you correlate your sleep quality and know why your daytime is impacted by the quality of your sleep. I love the auto-on quality. So easy to use and informative.

Great app

So nice to be able to check on my sleeping habits and how good or bad my nights sleep is.

Confusing layout

Like the data it tracks and integration with health app and that it uses heart rate data. I just have trouble reading the data easily...I think the design of the various screens and graphs is confusing. Simplify the layouts and easily a 5 star app.

Love it


Had to write something here

Interesting information.

So far so good

Seems to be fairly accurate and nice to know how long it took to fall asleep. Saves looking at the clock every 3 minutes (wondering how much time has gone by) which definitely makes you fall asleep sooner. Fun to look at in the morning.

Not accurate

Tested out wearing both Apple Watch & Fitbit. The results are different. Fitbit numbers make much more sense. Wasted $3!

This is almost wizardry

Great app, and almost certainly the best sleep tracker on the App Store. What I love most about it is that it uses multiple data sources—movement of your watch, movement of your phone, and your heart rate from your watch to make a pretty accurate reading of when you were asleep. Although several of its competitors support showing heart data, most don’t actually use your heart rate for sleep detection. It also doesn’t try pseudo-scientific REM sleep detection (my understanding is that you can’t do this accurately with a wrist tracker, even though some apps pretend to); it just tries to understand when you were in restless sleep and when you were in restful sleep. And it allows you to carefully tweak the analysis so it fits you exactly. It doesn’t offer an intelligent alarm or snoring recordings/detection. These would be my biggest requests. But you can use this in tandem with other apps that do that. Also, it would be nice if you could tweak the “phone movement” threshold. For example, it should be easy to tell when you’re in extremely disordered sleep because you’re pressing the snooze button on your phone. Right now you can either turn phone detection on or off, and if you turn it on, snooze button interaction with multiple alarms shows up as awake. Overall great app though—an easy five stars.

Best app for sleep tracking by far!

This app works great and is accurate unlike most! I love the amount of detail you can see, only good things to report about this one!


This app does everything without draining your watch battery!! Recommend, recommend, recommend!!

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