AutoSleep Tracker for Watch App recensioner

One of My Principal Watch Apps

Enough said...this app connects the dots between my daily performance (work and play) and the amount of quality sleep I get and the sleep I need- and the app does get easier to use all the time.

Great app

Really helps manage your sleep.

This is the WORST!

Do not buy this if you are serious about tracking your sleep. I was comparing a total of four different sleep apps. This app was consistently 2-3 or more hours LESS than the others. Don’t waste your money. I wish I could get a refund!!

Great App

I’ve used this every night since December when I got Apple Watch. It’s helpful to know about how sleep was. Recommend.

Keeps force closing

Every time I sign in it force closes. Can’t use it. Won’t track sleep.

Best of the Apple sleep apps

Tried them all, heart rate monitoring is a must. These apps that try to monitor sleep with the microphone are a joke. I'm running this on one wrist and a fitbit on the other. They compare pretty well. Waiting on my Oura ring now...

Sleep app

Really like this app. It works well and helps me keep on track of my sleep!

So far so good

I’ve been using this app for awhile now, like 6 months and it seems to be pretty accurate... So accurate that I can see if it doesn’t say I have at least 30 min of deep sleep and 3 hours of quality sleep, I can feel it the next day... very smooth...


Great app!!

If You're Looking For A Sleeping Tracker...

If you are looking for a Sleeping Tracker that is accurate and has the best analysis, look no further! This app is worth the money for the amount of information you get. I use this app is mainly used for using the with your Apple watch and let's just say... It is very very smart and integrated. Even when I forget to put the 'lights off' so it starts tracking my sleep, it still tracks my sleep and does so extremely well!

Nice App

Simple to use, worth the money...

Great tool

I have used several sleep tracking apps in the past. Many just don’t have the accuracy or the features but this one does. I suffer from sleep apnea so being able to evaluate my sleep is important. You can modify the setting to your sleep style in order to get the most reliable data. Best one I have used.

Great app with iWatch

I have sleep apnea and use this every night to monitor my sleep.

New mom with a newborn

My title says it all. I just became a mom, sleep deprivation was killing me, I needed to know how much sleep I was getting, and this app gave all I needed and more in order to take control of my sleep patterns.

Nice Sleep Tracking watch app

Been using this for about six months, coming from the sleep tracking on my Fitbit Surge. It took awhile to mentally transition, but it just works. I just shifted to charging my watch while I have my morning coffee. Good app and worth the $$$ to me.

Outstanding Series Apps

These are a series of great apps. Just got my Apple Watch and I’m amazed at the amount of personal analytics available. Have Afib and an adventure with a PE and these are truly helpful.

Great App

I like that it is similar to the activity app in appearance and can analyze sleep thru iwatch or phone.


Great app to improve your sleep habits.

Sleep is good!!

Like the app. So much information

So so

Some pieces of the info are helpful to me but not sure just how accurate the actual sleep info is. There are times it shows I’m awake and I know I wasn’t. I do like the resting heart rate capture.

Really like it

I really like this app. I had a few things that was bugging me but I sent an email and got a reply explaining what I was missing. Support is great and they are very personable. Looking forward to the next update.

New to Auto Sleep

I recently switched from another device to an AppleWatch and downloaded AutoSleep to help monitor my sleep. A lot more information than my other device was giving me. I like how easy it was to set up and how it shows the data on my sleep. David H.

Crashes, doesn’t work

Didn’t record any sleep all night. Every time I try to go to settings or help button - it crashes. :(

Really Amazing!!

The most complicated app ever... But this is the best one I've used! Maybe developers could offer a simplified mode without the complex options with detail data.

Very helpful

As a heart failure pt with sleep apnea this app is very helpful in monitoring my sleep. Helped me to recognize that I needed my treatment to be reviewed

Not accurate

This app is useless. There are many free apps way better

I am very satisfied with this app

This was the first app I added to my watch. It is also my favorite app. I use it daily. It has helped me improve my sleep and understand a lot more about my sleep needs and sleep patterns. I especially like the tracking, history and heart rate monitoring. It has most definitely improved my sleep and my health.

Mostly good

I’ve been using this since January. I love that it auto tracks and incorporates heart rate. I’d give it five stars but, over the past month or so, it has stopped tracking my awake time at night. For example, it used to track when I woke up to use the bathroom. Now, it does not. So, the end result is not a completely accurate portrayal of my night. Otherwise, it’s great.

Love this app!

I have been focusing on my sleep quality as I’ve aged and I’m so impressed with this app! I’m able to see how I affect my sleep habits daily and how my sleep quality and deep sleep have been improving! I went from under 20% deep sleep to 57% today! Amazing! Wouldn’t know how I was doing without it!

Sleep App

I love it. Just having the info. I now know I’m getting better sleep than I thought before using the app! I feel more rested since I started.

Really like

This app is simple and really like the data. I haven't purchased the add on heart reassure analyzer but may be doing that next.

It’s getting better

Was very hard to use at first. It seems to be doing better and has gotten more accurate

It’s Automatic and full of important data

I like that the app tracks your sleep automatically-other apps require you to turn it on when you think you’re going to fall asleep. I also like the other things it tracks such as deep sleep, heart rate, restlessness and it gives you a ‘percentage grade’ on your sleep. It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up! ❤️

Inaccurate!! Better off guessing how you slepted 🤷‍♂️

Every morning I wake up auto sleep says I only slepted 2 hours And to top that it’s UI is complicated to understand

Great app

I love this app. It really helps me to see my sleep patterns.

Read data from health kit

Any chance to have the app read data from HealthKit so it can work well with other sleep tracking hardware

This app is awesome

This app is great and pretty accurate.


I have found this app very useful in monitoring quality of sleep. The app has improved in its ability to be adjusted.

Love it!

This app is amazing, it truly is. It gauges my sleep/awake times accurately and measures my HR without flaw!

Sleep Review

I’m new to this, but also excited to get started. Looking forward to tracking my sleep, so I can get the best sleep possible. Thanks


This app has really helped my learn to manage and optimize my sleep. One thing I’ve learned, don’t drink alcohol. One thing I’d like to see, more analysis of my numbers.

Clever app

Nice app, works reliably as long as I remember to keep it on at night, which is when I typically charge all of my devices. But now I’ve gotten used to charging my watch during my morning shower & shave ... which is enough to get it to a 100%. Nice visuals, but it took me a while to understand the sleep measurements. Also, the app interprets multiple data points to estimate your sleep. Again, it took me a while to understand and trust that the app was reasonably correct. It would be great to have a link in the app to a video that helps you understand the app and data more clearly.

Worth Every Penny

I love this program. It really helps me in understanding my sleep cycles so I can make adjustments for a better quality of sleep. The heart analyzer program is a great compliment to Auto Sleeo. It gives you a better look and amazing insights into your heart rate. Skip coffee for a few days and use what you saved to buy these programs. You won't regret it.

Worth it

It’s really accurate at knowing when you fall asleep and wake up. Every now and then it misses me waking up in the middle of the night. The app is easy to navigate and understand at a glance.

Life changing

This app has given me reason to change my life. I have found that when I drink my heart rate doesn’t go to a resting state when I sleep and also, I get very little deep sleep. I drink far less and I feel more rested and happier.

Best sleep tracking app out there

Over the years I used several sleep tracking apps or devices to track my sleep. This app is a lot better than all of them. The fact that it kicks in automatically and tracks heart rate while sleeping is a huge plus. I’ll highly recommend this app.


Great app


This is an excellent app for anyone watching their sleep and heart pulse progress.

The Best

Tried several sleep tracking apps including SleepWatch. This is the best!

Way off

Every day it gives me readings that shows I was awake at times during the night when I know I was not!

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