AutoSleep Tracker for Watch App Reviews

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Easy to use, interesting feedback

This app provides interesting information on both the amount and quality of your sleep. It is amazingly accurate and the data is displayed in an easy to read manner.


Helps me to see how much I’m sleeping and know I know why and how much I wake up at night and the days I feel tired I know why

Thank you

I’ll be honest, this app wasn’t the most intuitive to set up and there wasn’t an in app tutorial for certain things. I work the night shift and I thought I was doing it wrong, so I emailed the developers. I’m happy to say that they got back to me within 24 hours and provided me with a very helpful set of instructions and clarification on settings so that I could make the most of the app. That being said I still believe that this app is worth 5 stars. I’m pleased with the response and with the performance of the app. Thank you!

Great program

Enjoy seeing the charts and graphs of how well I am sleeping (or not sleeping).

One of the main reasons I have an Apple Watch

Does what is says. Helps me get enough rest.

Needs more flexibility

I recently I started working night shift and the earliest you can adjust your go to sleep time is 5 PM. That’s not the only issue. Several times a week I have to go in to the settings of the health app and turn off this app as a data source, reboot the watch and reboot the phone, and then reenable the data source. That’s ridiculous. When you email tech-support they act like you’re an idiot and send you stupid instructions to do what you’ve already done five times. I’m becoming less and less of a fan of this app, The challenges is that there aren’t many others out there.

Not worth the money

When I first got this app I was so excited. It seemed like the best sleep tracker there is. But after I’ve used it for over a month now it’s useless. It NEVER gets my sleep right. I’ve tried tweaking all the settings to see if that helps and it doesn’t. I’m so bummed because I really was excited about this app. I’m not sure if it’s because I use my phone to listen to meditations when I’m asleep so it’s going off my phone but I have the setting on the app set to not go off my phone. I don’t know why it wouldn’t just go off the info from my watch. The only thing I miss about the FitBit was the sleep tracker. It was SO accurate. And this app will say I slept 2 hours when I know for a fact I slept over 8. Not sure what to do. And I paid for this! Not worth the money if it won’t even work. 😣

App exceeds expectations

Great app

I can’t get it off my updates list!

This is an iPhone-only app, but it shows up on my iPad and iPad Pro update lists. It won’t (and shouldn’t be) on anything but an iPhone, but I can’t get it off my downloads list. The author should mark it as iPhone/Apple Watch only. The ‘1’ on the icon is very annoying! A ‘5’ after this is resolved.

Best sleep app

And it’s not even close. If Apple won’t make a first party app, this is the one to have. No stupid subscription model, best data, and best trending panel.

Best Sleep App!

I haven’t had many but, this is the best sleep app I’ve had by far! Seeing just how bad my sleeping pattern is on screen, has forced me to take steps to improve my sleep quality.

Great insight!

This app gives me great insight into my quality of sleep. if I wake up feeling exhausted, I’m able to look at the app to see what my night looked like. It helps me set goals on when to get in bed at night. I love this app!

Just what I’ve been looking for

One of the reasons I bought my Apple Watch was for just such an app. It’s not perfect but it’s close enough so that I think I’m establishing a baseline.

The best by far

Have to say, this is the best by far on the market. If the UI can be a bit sleeker, I’ll be a life time advocate.

Pretty darn good

I think the sleep evaluation capabilities are very good for a consumer grade offering. The only inaccuracy seems to be Auto Sleep May indicate that I slept after waking up but not getting out of bed. I think the Apple Watch simply isn’t that sensitive.

Always Improving!!

Before I received my CPAP, I would wake up as if I barely got any sleep...even after an 8hr night! AutoSleep always showed my sleep as being sporadic and crazy and I always thought it wasn’t working properly. I even contacted their customer service. They had me make some changes, but it still didn’t help. But, their customer service was constantly trying to help me. So they definitely have a top notch customer service!! After my sleep study, I found out I had a severe case of sleep apnea. After going on the CPAP, their program started showing favorable sleep patterns. So, it was working all along, it’s just my apnea was that severe that the app recorded as best it could. I was having an issue where it wouldn’t record short naps and it wasn’t recording when I truly got up in the morning, but they’ve got settings for that as well!! Now all my sleep is captured, even the quick 10-15 naps I have sometimes. This app is 100% worth the money. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot. And, if it’s as sporadic as mine was in the beginning, it’s possible you could have sleep apnea.

Interesting info

I like the idea that I can get an objective view of my sleep every night


Love this app!! I just started using a sleep apnea machine and this app tells me how many hours of sleep, quality sleep and deep sleep I am getting! My husband does not have apnea but loves this app too. Very helpful!

Sleep problems

I couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad. Now I know thanks to the sleep app. I wasn’t sleeping very much most nights.

It was a little tricky at first

I’m starting to get used to it. It was a bit difficult to understand at first. I really enjoy it and would say it’s pretty accurate.

Deep sleep

I have used this app along with my Apple Watch. I particularly enjoy the Deep Sleep portion. Interesting to see when I am sleeping my deepest throughout the night and what might be going on for me when I have little or no deep sleep.

Must have for Apple Watch

This app has massively increased the usefulness of my Apple Watch. Indispensably helpful to track sleep accurately and effortlessly. Worth every penny.

Good out of the gate

I just got this app because I never considered using my Apple Watch for sleep tracking. But last night I charged my Apple Watch an hour before bedtime and then turned on Theater Mode so the screen wouldn’t turn on while I slept. This morning I had 98% battery life to start my day. I plan to keep up this routine to see where my sleep quality goes. The first set of readings were eye opening.

A fine help

Took a time to get use to sleeping with a watch on but now I truly believe that it’s helping me “train” my self to get more sleep.

Reliable app

Tracks sleep automatically. Registers sleep reliably, unlike some sleep tracking apps. Interface is reasonably easy to understand.

Great Sleep Tracking App

I have tried other apps to track my sleep and all have fallen short of my expectations. All except for AutoSleep. AutoSleep is a great app. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to monitor their sleep.

Detailed & Reliable

More detailed than my old sleep tracker and I feel like I can trust it more when sleeping with another person since it measures *my* wrist movement instead of general sounds from the bedside table or general bed movements from the phone lying in bed. I also like the heart rate readings which are possible since it is on my wrist.

First thing I do when I wake up is check AutoSleep

This app has caused me to be very purposeful about when I go to bed and when I wake up

Auto sleep

I love it new to it but it’s good so far


Helpful in tracking my sleep patterns, knowing how much deep sleep I get and when I’m restless. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately and the app has assisted me in creating strategies to overcome. Last night I slept 8 HRs and 45 minutes!!! 😁


This app doesn’t work for me. Doesn’t track my sleep. I want a refund but the email doesn’t work not worth the money

Best sleep tracker

This sleep tracker is very accurate. Use it daily. Love all the features.


There’s a direct correlation between my sleep and mood/energy. This app reinforces that connection. It took a bit to fine tune to true parameters v. Reality. Once done, it has helped me adjust lifestyle to optimize my energy and mood. A must for those who are affected by sleep patterns.

Ms. T

I absolutely love this app! I used to have to wear my Fitbit to monitor my sleep and now my watch finally does it all! Very pleased!


This app is perfect for me.

Well thought out app.

I like the depiction of the sleep categories especially.

Needs improvement

This app works maybe 3 days out of 7. I wear my watch every night and in the morning there is no data or wrong data. It has to be tweaked constantly. Do yourself a favor and find a different app

Excellent app

The accuracy of the quality of sleep is on the money. Because of the sleep monitoring my sleep have improved dramatically.

Highly recommended

This app is amazing. I have been able to monitor my sleep and as a result I have been able to significantly improve the quality of my sleep. It is surprisingly accurate. If you want something that can improve your health, I recommend that you use this app - you won’t regret it!

Knowledge is power!

My husband has had this app for awhile and kept talking about how much he enjoyed it! So now I am hooked! I love getting the data each morning to see how much sleep I am getting....

I like this app

I’m happy with this app. Works well with my iPhone X and gives me an accurate account of my sleep and awake time. Plus I like the fact that it gives you the option to fine tune the app to your particular sleep pattern. I got it 1st then recommended it to my wife.

Great app

Tracks sleep accurately

Don’t be intimidated

It takes a little getting used to, but once you watch the various interfaces for a few days, it’s understandable, helpful and seems to be remarkably accurate. Wearing the watch to bed requires charging during the day, of course, but I found ways to do that easily.

Great app!

Almost bought a Fitbit just for sleep...glad I didn’t...

Great app

Does just what you want it to do. The only change I made was to where my watch at night.

Great app

Does what it’s supposed to and provides quite a lot of useful data. Recommended.

Rise and Shine

I thoroughly appreciate this App and the easy way the data is presented. I monitor my sleep daily and this App is perfectly designed for anyone to use.


Really is great for tracking sleep.

Confirms I’m a zombie

The data is surprisingly good, even when you don’t take advantage of all the inputs. It manages to figure out I’ve only been asleep for 4 hours in a night. When you do hook up HealthKit you can find out all sorts of cool things that you never knew you do in bed!

App help

Excellent app. I must commend the help team. I had a question and they responded quickly and gave a thorough answer. Thank you.

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