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Doesn’t seem to work now that I’m pregnant

To be honest I’m not sleeping well anymore, but my tracker looks like I’m up for hours at a time. I have been tossing and turning because of being uncomfortable and having anxiety over this pregnancy, but the app shows that I’ve been sleeping only three hours a night for six months. I’m wondering if the other heartbeat in my body is screwing up the program. It used to work perfectly for me, until I got pregnant.


This app is useless. It stopped syncing with my Apple Watch after two days. Could not remedy the problem using the apps suggestions. Sorry I purchased it.

Great Sleeping App

This app tracks my sleep like my other device plus more. When I got the Apple Watch, I missed being able to monitor my sleep. Then I came across this app and eventually bought it. So far it has worked for me tracking my sleep and heart rate. Previously I wore a Garmin VivoFit2 that tracked the different aspects of my sleep.

Great app. However...

It can be a little difficult to understand. Additionally, it would be great if it had a better way of telling the app when you’re going to sleep. I have shifting schedules and Im not always sleeping at night so the set/approximate bed times it asks you during setup are no good to me for this reason. There should be a button that is used strictly when you want to let the app know youre going to bed regardless of the time. If this is a feature already then I dont know about it.

Exactly what I need

After using sleep++ I had this idea as well, that it should be possible to actually figure out the sleep time base on the sensors, and dont require manually to start the “sleep session”. This app just nails it. Not only it implemented that, but also implemented it very good!

Interface frustration

Lots of Good ideas with this app. But the interface is very frustrating to decipher, and almost requires a degree just to get the app up and running. They talk about a cleaner simpler interface! I hate to think what it used to be like. This app has actually kept me up late into the night trying to figure it out!

Not accurate

I have clinical insomnia. This says I get 8 hours of sleep every night. It doesn’t track my awake times at all. My Fitbit Alta has far superior sleep tracking.

Good for tracking sleep

I went from the fitbit to apple watch and was looking for an app to track my sleep. This one does exactly what I want. It breaks down how much time is spent in each stage and how restful my sleep actually was.

Just ok, hasn’t been updated in 7 months

App hasn’t been updated in 7 months. Wondering if they’ve abandoned the app. Could use some updates & iPhone X refreshes. Seems accurate at times, but off at others.

Great app!

Gives you great information & it quite accurate measuring your sleep

I’m not sleeping....

This app reads me as asleep when I’m at my desk working, when I’m driving home, or when I’m watching tv. I have to go in and edit it everyday to get a somewhat accurate reading. I’ve emailed support and this was their resolution. Not happy I paid for this app and it’s the worst app on my phone.

Started great and now not so much...

When I first started to use this app it was amazing and accurate. The past few weeks I see an accurate reading in the morning after awaking but if I check the app later in the day it somehow jumbled up my sleep record and go from saying that I slept 7.5hrs to sleeping 4.5hrs. No matter how many times I “tweak” and reset the app it doesn’t not operate anywhere near to how it did before. 5 star rating reduced to a 1...

Horrible App

Doesn’t work. Keeps telling me I slept for almost 9 hours yesterday, when I didn’t have my watch on. I want my money back. Useless.

It was great until the time change

It seems the app wasn't coded with daylight savings in mind, leading to it going insane and claiming the watch is charging while it's on my wrist.

Weird bug

Occasionally while I’m sleeping the app believes my watch is being charged. As far as I’m aware, I’m not waking up in the middle of the night, charging my watch, and then putting it back on my wrist.


Easy to understand what’s going on, so really good job with that. The feature request isn’t working for me for some reason. It would be really nice to be able to set an alarm clock to go off after you’ve had enough sleep.


Get this and heartwatch for the perfect combi

Application doesn’t work

I bought this app a few weeks back and have found it doesn’t sync my phone with my watch although all other apps are communicating very well. After trial and error to include updates and other recommendations I have found the app to be faulty. Am email was sent to the company asking for further direction and someone responded by saying he wrote the program and cut and pasted several steps that I had already completed, so I asked for a refund. Here is word for word response I received: “So you don’t care about whether your Watch synchs health data? That’s a pretty major feature! This is kind of strange. Anyway, your choice. The refund is via Apple explain to them your Watch is faulty and does synch health data properly and they should issue a refund.” After recommending he proof read emails he decides to sent out, I decided to submit this review. Faulty product and poor customer service.......would not buy. Update: This AM I woke to read the following from the individual who claims he wrote the program. "You should do many things. I have little faith you will. I feel a little sorry for you” Is this anyway to run a business or represent Apple?

Simply the best Sleep App I’ve used

I’ve used quite a few sleep apps over the last year or two and this is by far the best. You have two options - use it with an Apple Watch or without. If you don’t have a watch, the app correlates the data from when you plug your phone in vs unplugging it, but it also takes into effect when your phones screen is on and subtracts it from your total sleep hours! This is the first app I’ve ever seen do this! When you use it with your watch, if you turn it into “Theater Mode”, it gets really detailed information about your sleep and tells you when you were in different sleep levels, but with Theater mode all night it uses a whopping 2% battery. It still correlates phone screen time into sleep totals, and subtracts that from your sleep, so you get a much more accurate picture of how long and well you’ve slept. The only bad thing is you have to remember to charge the watch before you get to the point of being in bed. Probably my only gripe is I think metrics for heart correlation could maybe be broken down a bit more (average HR in REM, average in Deep Sleep, etc), but it does give graphs of where your HR attended out over time so that’s nice.

Pretty inaccurate

I have a back issue. I have to lay on my back a lot. This app says I am sleeping when just laying down. Fitbit does not have this problem. Could be simpler to use. Too much unnecessary info.

Extremely Accurate!!!

This app is very accurate!! Literally from the time I fall asleep to the time I wake up in the morning. Honestly it's accurate to the minute. Possibly the best sleep tracker I've ever used. Better than Jawbone's and FitBit!!

It’s very accurate about analyses sleep I think

But the Interface is really confusing... I totally don’t understand what’s all about except how many hours I have been slept...

Best Sleep Tracker on the App Store!

A good sleep tracker should be autonomous, Apple Watch optimized, and give be customized specifications to your sleeping habits and needs. After researching and trying other sleep trackers I can tell you this one is the absolute best at doing all three of those things. I wasn’t sure if I was willing to pay what I did for the app but it was worth it 100%. It does take a while to learn to make sense of the UI but you’ll soon realize this app is very intelligent and useful.


This app helped me confirm my habit of sleepwalking, I knew already but having quantitative data allowed me to determine how often and for how long.

I want to love this, but there are constant communication issues with my watch

I really want to love this app. If it consistently communicated with my watch, it would be great! The dashboard provides some excellent information and insight once you figure it out. That said, it doesn’t communicate well with my watch and it doesn’t pull data correctly. I have tried following the help instructions, even going as far as unpairing my watch and setting it up from scratch, but nothing has worked. I ended up installing and am looking for something new.

Terrible interface and tracking

I’ve been up since 6:20am today and on my way to work at 8:45am my watch vibrated and I got “good morning - you slept for 10h 45min” notification. I wish this was an outlier but it’s almost a daily occurrence, the app counts anything as sleep even if you’re up and moving around. The interface perhaps is the worst thing yet, it’s completely counter intuitive and after about 2 weeks I still have no idea what the app is trying to say. Don’t waste your money on this app, no doubt the free version isn’t offered because no one would buy it after a few days of use.

Doesn’t track sleep well for light sleepers

I have tracked my sleep using multiple apps and this app doesn’t track my sleep well. I am a light sleeper and I move a lot during the night, the app doesn’t track that. It also doesn’t identify time in bed awake correctly at all, it would sometimes show me asleep while I am watching tv or working.

Love it, definitely increases the value of my watch

This and the HeartWatch app have finally given me the feedback and tracking I was looking for when I bought the watch. Really helping me understand my sleep patterns and heart health. Wasn’t sleeping with the watch previously and now I’m really glad I am. Had a Fitbit heart watch which I loved but the strap kept breaking. Gotta say these two apps are what finally have pushed my Apple Watch experience past the Fitbit by a mile. Awesome.

Save a life

Using this app along with Apple Watch showed I needed to have sleep study ASAP

Horrible at tracking

I have yet to have a single night, in almost a year since I got the app, that I haven’t had to correct the sleep tracking. If I barely move or roll over (I guess because I’m asleep) it says I’m awake for the next 15 minutes. Go to sleep at 2100 and wake up at 0430, my notification says I slept 2 hours 40 mins?

Useful Information

The setup wizard was great, it took a few minutes to answer questions but the quality of info you get each morning is worth it. My favorite thing to see is how many or few, sessions of deep (REM) sleep I have and how long each is. The graph of your heart rate is very interesting also. Definitely happy with my purchase.

Rarely works anymore

This app hasn't been updated in forever and rarely works. I had my Apple watch on all night and it said it was on the charger every other 30 minutes. It thought I only got 30 minutes of sleep.

Sometimes app doesn’t record sleep

Let me just start by saying this is an amazing app overall and I really enjoy using it. The only problem I have with the app is that it sometimes doesn’t register your time asleep if you go to bed before midnight. This morning I woke up to find that the app only counted 4h 30m of sleep when I actually slept from 10p - 5a so everything before midnight was not included until I edited it in the “day” tab by omitting the last 15m of data right before midnight. Not sure if this is a known issue, but it’s just a small inconvenience.

The best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch.

This is the best sleep tracker for an Apple Watch. Before my Apple Watch I used a different activity tracker. It tracked my sleep so well, so when I went to an Apple Watch I still wanted to track my sleep. I tried several apps, but most only tracked when I turned them on, and when I turned them off. This app tracks quality of sleep, heart rate, and restlessness. It’s very detailed and very accurate. I’m not sure it’s as accurate as my previous tracker, but it’s the best I’ve had on my Apple Watch. I was also presently surprised to find it won’t drain your batter any faster than average. I simply charge my Watch in the hour or two before bed and then wear it to sleep. The only feature this app lacks is an alarm clock. It be nice to have it wake me based on my sleep cycle.

Fixed my own problem

After going through the health app i realized I didn’t give the app access to active energy there for wasn’t counting my watch movement into the data. Now it works exactly how it’s supposed

Great app!

Great info. It blows me away how it "learns" the user and is so accurate with knowing when that person is asleep. I think it needs some tweaks to UI/UX and to its user workflows but I very much appreciate having this app and the data it gives me. Thank you!

Never be so disappointed on a paid app

On some days it work perfectly and some other days it completely reverts my sleeping hour and awake hour. It won’t work no matter no I adjust the setting. The UI is old school and hard to navigate.


Totally useless. Gives you some made up “sleep performance”report whether you slept or not or wore the watch or not. Adds zero value, useful information or value to your life. Delivered annoying and interruptive reports and notifications with no obvious way to stop them. Even though I paid for the app, I deleted it. And ever since, I’ve been sleeping much better! Save your money.

Best app ever

I love this app. It works great and gives so much information on your sleep patterns. Best sleep app by far for Apple Watch

Does not work!

Dont know why so many people says this app works. I have purchased this app for few weeks. I always wear my watch to bed. It just does not do the job. It can not detect my wake up time at night and all the sleep time are deep sleep. It always says I'm sleeping at daytime. I did turn on monitor 24 hours. But at work, im constantly typing and walking. It always shows i have 1 hour here and there deep sleep time. The deep sleep calculation are WRONG!

Helpful ap

AutoSleep seems to work well. For international travel, I keep my phone on airplane mode. My watch stores the data until I return to the States and then updates the app when airplane mode is turned off. Would like to see some studies done to see how accurate the app is regarding deep sleep. At least the heart rate monitor has been evaluated and is very accurate.

Better than sleep tracking on a FitBit Blaze

Prior to getting an Apple Watch I had a FitBit Blaze which had really good sleep tracking built in. AutoSleep provides more detail and is significantly more configurable, including sleep sensitivity. The AutoSleep GUI is also done well, and presents the sleep details in a manner like the Apple Activity App. AutoSleep provides all the sleep related information I want. I had a few questions on using the app and got a response the same day. I like the app so much that I bought the companion HeartWatch app which works very well in conjunction with AutoSleep.

Excellent Sleep Tracker

I have used this app for a week. I had one issue with not capturing my awakes, I average at least 4 to 8 a night. A quick email to the support people and they got back to me in a few hours. Now awakes are captured. A great feature is the ability to “tweak” the setting to fit your sleeping patterns. Excellent app, great features, captures all the important sleep data.

Inconsistent Recording

The layout and setup aren’t the best. But nonetheless this app rarely records my sleep which is my biggest concern since I paid for this app. My phone and watch are new and updated so that’s not it. I think I will have to switch to a new app unfortunately.

Great app!!

Been using this app for over a month now and it's so accurate! Tons of data collected, easy to use, and no bugs!

Good sleep tracker.

I like the 7 day sleep average. I wish I could change it to 14 days.

This is the way software for an Apple product “should” work.

This product is thorough, automatic and beautiful. It even reports the result to Apple Health. My first impression of the price was that an automatic sleep tracker should be about a buck, but seeing all the work put into presenting, sorting, analyses... It is well worth the cost. Contrary to what I thought about the Apple Watch battery, I can wear it all day and sleep with it, then charge it in the morning. That lends itself to one more useful feature this app could incorporate: It could discern if I am awake and ‘up’, then remind me to charge it. Apple needs to create the mechanism to tell me when it is fully charged, beyond the iPhone Battery widget!

Fantastic app

It is nice to quantity why you don't feel rested on some days. Let's you know how restless you were through the night. I love it!

Fantastic and accurate

Like so many others, I was skeptical to try this out. But paired with my Apple Watch which I keep on over night, the accuracy is almost 100%. I’ve been now working in testing it out for three weeks, and it’s spot on every night. It’s the best sleep tracking app I’ve been able to find so far, definitely a keeper and worth the price

What All Apps Should Be

The people that created and continue to improve this app should be very proud. This is what all apps should aspire to be like: It has features that you don’t even know you want. It has the ability to tweak the results so that they stay meaningful and reliable. It works great without be intrusive or getting in the way. It works with minimal interaction from the user, until you want to interact. It’s very visual and does a great job painting a picture of your sleep health (good or bad as it may be). Huge thanks to the developer team!

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