AutoSleep. Auto Sleep Tracker for Watch App Reviews

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Really cool app, I'm enjoying it so far.

Great tool!

Awesome sleep monitor! It really made me cognizant of trying to get enough sleep to be able to recharge every night. I highly recommend it!

Works well


Get This Now!

This is THE App for sleep tracking. Apple should do more and have some form of sleep tracking but they don', get this app and it's automatically done. I shower in the morning and at night. I just charge up both times and wear my watch to bed. I also use Theatre Mode so my wrist won't wake up the watch at night. Works great and probably saves some battery life. I like the "Rings" utilization for viewing your sleep time, quality, heart rate avg and deep quantities. If I need to I can just open the app and tap lights off. Very nice and easy to use/navigate.

Great app!

Better than most devices built to measure sleep. Very accurate and easy to use.

Rude awakening!

Thankful for this App! It made me aware of my dangerous heart rate!

Shift Worker

This app really helps me know if I'm getting enough sleep!

Excellent Reporting

Apple Watch accuracy. Very informative. Great for trying to improve this very important aspect of life.

Best I've Used

Works very well. Full of info and great UI. This is my 4th sleep app on 2 different types of wearable devices. This is the one I am sticking with for the future. So customizable along with easy to read and navigate thru your data.

Best one I've used

I've been a long time user of Sleep Cycle (over 900 nights tracked) and consider it the gold standard. Beats others I've tried, hands down. This app produces essentially the same data, but without the possibility that your partner's noise/movements will affect the measurements. Other watch-based apps I tried were not sensitive enough, citing restful sleep basically all night, even though I know I roll over quite often. The data is easy to view and understand and is detailed enough to show you how it determined your sleep quality percentage.

Excellent addition to HeartWatch

This is the greatest app on the iPhone and Apple watch. Once you read and understand the many helpful modes of operation you know exactly how much rest your body gets and needs. Adds more sleep sensitivity and accuracy to the superb HeartWatch app. Very worthwhile.

Great app!

This is the best sleep app I have found! Kudos to the makers! Thanks. I would love it for you to explain how the watch and app knows how you are in "deep sleep" thanks for the hard work on the app!

Love it

better insight than anything else I have used

Good app

Excellent app for tracking sleep


So far the best app I have used.

So far...

The app tracked when I fell asleep on the couch, but failed to recognize when I got into bed and slept for an additional 5 hours. Hoping after a 7 day trial it will better track my individual behaviors.

无法连接iCould,Apple Watch也不显示数据

无法连接iCould,Apple Watch也不显示数据

So far, so good.

I'm impressed so far.

Great self help tool!

Using this app has helped me to identify the triggers to getting a good nights sleep, or not! It also confirms, in wonderful colors, why I feel good or bad upon waking. Nice to know it's not just 'in my head'! Of course, if you're not willing to make adjustments to your habits, you won't be seeing improvements/consistency in your sleep cycles! I would hope that for some people with serious issues, it would prompt a visit to a sleep specialist! All in all a terrific app! Just don't forget to charge your watch, which I now do while getting ready for the day, or when I'm not moving around much. I like to see those activity rings closed each day!


Great app.

Okay but has sensor flaw

The app has worked well the last few nights. But out of nowhere it started reporting my watch as charging when I was most definitely wearing it. Last night alone show me it was "charging" from 1am-6:30am. Apparently I sleep walk to my charger in the other room? Or just a bug that should be addressed...thank you


To be honest, I had fairly low hopes that this app would work well for me. I'm a night shift worker with horrendous sleep habits and I just didn't expect that it would keep up with me. I too often go 24 hours without sleep, sleep for 12 hours at a time, or lie in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. This app hasn't missed the mark once. I ran the setup wizard on day one and set the app to interpret phone motion as me being awake. I wear my watch to bed and leave my phone charging on my night stand. This combination hasn't messed up once. Every sleep, every nap, every hour lying awake, all counted correctly. The data is presented in various interesting and useful ways. I knew my sleep habits were horrible, but there is just something about seeing them displayed graphically that makes me more inspired to actually fix them. As if that wasn't enough, I contacted support for what I thought was a glitch, and I received an email the same day that solved the problem on the first try. I had accidentally excluded one day's data from the history, so there was no problem with the app in the first place. My only concern with wearing my watch to bed was battery life, since I also want to wear it while awake. This hasn't been an issue. It charges so quickly that it has been enough to simply charge it here and there when I'm in the shower, eating, etc. Fantastic app and fantastic support.

Outstanding Application use daily

I agree this should be the sleep app Apple Watch is missing. The information and graphics provided are amazing. I also own the HeartWatch app and alone or combined these apps give me and my healthcare team adequate information regarding diagnostic that relate to sleep, stress, heart rate and activity. No more do I wonder why I'm tired or have more energy on certain days based on my what is going on while Im asleep. I'm aware this is not a cardiologist on my wrist however this is a tool for a startling point and continual monitoring. Outstanding App.

I love this sleep tracker! Best one I've ever used!

Definitely get this app!

Informative and convenient

This is a great app. There was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but it's actually pretty simple to use. The data are laid out in a variety of ways that makes it accessible for any purpose. You can look at an overview or get a more detailed analysis on a different screen. I'm using it to figure out how health choices I make during the day affect my sleeping patterns. It's a fantastic app for that purpose.


Enjoying the data so far..


It's very accurate with Apple Watch.

Worth every penny!!!

This is a great app!

Best Watch Sleep App

I tried a lot of different apps to get an accurate reading of my sleep at night and I could not find one and was very dissatisfied until I downloaded this app. It's amazing! I found to be very accurate and you can edit your sleep if you forget to put on your watch. Great job Auto Sleep... Thank you!!!

Exactly what I wanted!

I have been looking for something to replace the Jawbone UP to monitor sleep ever since I purchased the Apple Watch! This is perfect:) I don't even have to turn it on before I go to sleep.

Great visuals of your sleep cycles!

Great visuals of your sleep cycles!

Loving it

Could be a little better.


I love the sleep app! I try to get 8 hours of sleep daily and the app keeps track for me.

Great app

Easy set up. And auto detect is great.

My morning check

I check this app every morning and love it. It's helping me understand my sleep patterns and make positive changes to enhance my sleep.

Fun App

I really enjoy using this app. I almost can't wait to go to bed so that I can start a new night of stats. I also purchased Heart Watch which is a good companion app. Together they add a lot of value to my Apple Watch. You do have to wear your watch to bed so you have to change your charging habits. It hasn't been any problem for me, I just charge while I'm having my coffee in the morning and at night while I'm watching TV. It's worth it to get 24 hours of heart and sleep info.

Works great

Works great

Favorite feature of Apple Watch

This is my favorite feature.

Seems great so far!

Only just started using it but it's doing a great job! Interface could use a bit of work, because it's a little confusing what's happening when tapping on certain things.

Love it!

Love it, worth it!

So far

So good


Hey said just installed both the heart watch and sleep app, I must say, kudos for its simplicity. I'm looking forward to follow up with you that gives better insight in detail as to its effectiveness. It's been a a long week and I'm very much impressed I am with this gem of an app. For me it's very much a game changer; my sleep quality has improved by leaps and bounds! Whatever the reason why, I've thrown myself whole hog into this app.

Great App

Really like this app. Moved from Fitbit to Apple Watch and was missing the analysis but this app is great and gives good information.

Arwesome sleep app

I've used several sleep trackers and this one is fantastic. I just wish it had an intuitive alarm built into it.

Delivers on Promise

Great app and does indeed track my sleep patterns.

Really like the app

I find it to be very accurate and helpful in calculating poor, average, or good sleep.

Great with the Watch

I've been using this for about a month and love it. I use the widget on the phone to tell it exactly when I go to sleep and it knows when I wake up when I open my phone. I use it with my Apple Watch and it records when I wake up with my toddler for about 10 minutes a night.

Best Sleep app

I wear the Apple Watch to sleep. This is the 5th sleep app I have tried and the only one I use for sleep analysis. I had to tweak it a bit at the beginning to reflect my sleep. The other apps were way off and most importantly did not offer the adjustment capability. Therefore, providing inaccurate results. Best of all, the app registers by itself when I fall asleep and when I weak up. I also use the extra feature that tells me how long it takes me to fall asleep.


Mutual feeling about it. It seems great and has a lot to offer but I wish I never bought it. to me it is very over whelming, too much to have track of. Doesn't explain how to use anything or what things mean.

Works like magic!!!

Just the kind of sleep analysis, I have been looking for. Automatic detection is admirably accurate.

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