AutoSleep Tracker for Watch App Reviews

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So far, so good

Just started using the app, but the detail is amazing. Looking forward to getting more information as time goes on.

Great app

What can I say? It works exactly as I had hoped. It does what it is supposed to do and integrates with the watch. Magic!

I am going with five stars for now

This gives me insight that was not possible before now. It may be only approximate, but it is FAR better than no info. I will update with time.

Great App

This is an easy to use and understand your sleep patterns.

Works as well as I want it to

I have tried a variety of sleep apps (Sleep Cycle, Pillow) and I love the passiveness of being able to track my sleep without me having to do anything. Definitely helped correct poor sleep habits. Worth the $$$

So Good!

Wow! This app is totally worth $3.00, and might be worth a couple dollars more. I use it literally every day. It has helped me have confidence that I’m not sleeping too long, or long enough. It’s easy to use and has a ton of options that I haven’t even utilized yet. The best part of this app is in indicated in the name itself - it automatically tracks your sleep without you doing a thing. Love it developers! Keep it up!

Valuable information

As someone diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, this APP has been invaluable providing information I and my physician can use as a data point.

Why isn’t this a default app?

I’ve been using this app for about 3 months now (I wanted to be sure before I gave a review) it works great, it’s accurate and you don’t have to do much to set it up. This app tracks your sleep on it’s on and it’s the only app I’ve see in this App Store that will do it on its on. It’s great


Before this app I had no idea how much sleep I was Getting. But now I can try to get more sleep..

Love it

Very accurate and a great way to track your sleep! Highly recommended!!

Worth every $0.01 of $2.99

Realiously it is awesome!! Haven't compared with other apps - but frankly don't need to...I think I've gotten it right. The deep sleep is a big feature - when I get my 1hr+ of deep sleep overnight, I am a machine next still waiting for apple or this developer or someone else to link my sleep with activity from Watch and food from myfitnesspal to develop recommendations - it is shocking apple or any other app that is sitting on / has access to all this data is not developing this day of ai/ml, it is mission critical to develop these....yes they will not be accurate at first, but that is ml..

Give it time.

Give this app time. Over a couple of weeks read and understand the instructions. Set the app for your sleep type. Adjust daily when it misses sleep times. This is a great app after a number of weeks and the correct input from the user. 5 months later. After adjusting regularly to begin with everything is going great. Worthy of 5 stars. I do have to edit most days as it has blocks of awake or no data. I kist edit these to normal sleep. I am sure this app is 90% accurate. Still the best sleep app on the market.

Great sleep tracker for a great price

This sleep tracker gives you all the same data as Sleep Cycle without the alarm. It’s a much more affordable app if you are looking to track your sleep habits. I tend to have a lot of daytime sleepiness and am prone to naps so I enjoy seeing how restless I am at night and how much quality sleep I am getting. Very sleek and easy to use app.

Great app. I use it every day

Very helpful

Well done

A valuable missing component. I’m shocked Apple hasn’t purchased this for themselves.

People who work overnight

Nice app, but I’d like an update that would allow me to set my bedtime to am hours. I work overnight, so i go to bed between 7am-9am daily!

Good sleep

Love being able to see how I slept. It’s incredible to have this program.


I had Used the app for Just a week and everything has gone better then what in was expecting allowing to automatically track my sleep and check different features from my heart rate to the moments i wake up at night, it help me more on tracking how much rest i need on a daily basis to complete my work and maintain healthy, I also just downloaded the Heartbeat app too and it as even better features to track exercises heart rate and see more info on how my heart is doing during sleep, exercises or just simply while resting amazing!! And will keep updating.

Awesome app

This is a must have if you own an Apple Watch. Helps me find out how I sleep and how many long I need to rest during the day if I didn’t get enough quality sleep during the night.

5 Stars. Just wish it automatically pushed the data to lose it app

Connect to lose it App

Great app

I tried two other sleep apps with no luck. Couldn’t even get them to work. This app worked great the first time and it gave me a good analysis. It confirmed what I suspected that I have poor quality of sleep. I recommend this app over the other sleep apps! It’s worth the minor cost.

Good app

So far, I have enjoyed this app. I have been using it for about three weeks, so I am still learning.

Does more than expected

Does more than I expected. I am happy with the app.

Great tracker

I wish it had an alarm feature, otherwise great app.

Love this!!!

I absolutely love this app!! I’ve tried several other free apps like it, but this one is by far the best. Totally worth $2.99 I paid for it.

This is a really a great sleep tracker!

This app really helps me so much, for the 2 months that I’ve had my Apple Watch series 3! I’ve had a lifelong problem with getting what’s considered “good sleep.” It’s really good and very informative to learn all of the data that AutoSleep collects every night. I wish I knew how this app does what it does, but I trust the data and think it’s the best sleep tracking app in the App Store.


The most rude customer “support” I have ever encountered.


Great App


Great sleep tracker

Auto sleep tracker for apple watch

I just downloaded this app. Looks good. Tonight will be my first time to use it but other people are claiming it is the best.

Great app!

Love this App! So easy to read. And I love the breakdown of the values of the quality of my sleep. Encourages me to get the recommended sleep I need. I would definitely recommend this app! In fact , I already have!

Diggin this app!

Chock full of features, I’ve been diggin this app for since 12/17 -the sleep analytics are informative and easy to understand.

Great sleep tracker

Love this app. It has single handedly given me great insight into my sleeping habits and how much I’m actually getting. When I first started using it, it was very sobering to see how little sleep I was actually getting per night which greatly explained why I was so tired all the time. After making some adjustments to not only my sleeping itself but my before bedtime activities, I could see (and then feel) the improvements as they were happening. Now it’s my nightly challenge to keep the circle in the green and my body thanks me for it!

Great app

Feeling very tired so using app to understand sleep patterns . Was great to be able to export and show doctor “zero” deep sleep and only 3 hours of sleep total.


I love this app! So much information and it is so easy to use!

Very useful and accurate

I was surprised how easily the app works with my apple watch. It really helps me keep track of my sleep. I used to be very optimistic with my sleep estimates—thinking that I got at least 7 hours and then realizing it was more like 5-6. It helped me realize I really was not sleeping enough and I took getting to bed on time more serious. I could also start to tell on nights where i drank, my sleep quality would go down and my heart rate would go up 10% and i would be faced with solid information regarding the consequences of drinking before bed. Anyways, its been helping me change my habits for the better.

Comforting app

Quality sleep is so important. This app lets me see the effects of changes in routine on my sleep quality, both graphically and numerically.

Really great

Best app for tracking deep sleep I have tried. Have sleep apnea and pacemaker this had setting for pacemaker 👍

Great app

This app is great.

Really awesome

I’ve tried Fitbit and several other iWatch apps. This one is by far the best. Seems like it nails my sleep habits perfectly. The one thing I’m not sure of is deep sleep. It tells me that I need a lot more than I’m getting. I don’t know how that is calculated, but it tells me I need more even when I feel pretty well rested. If u are interested in tracking your sleep, this one is worth paying a few dollars to purchase.

The best of this kind

No other app compares to the accuracy and data given in this app, just download it, especially Apple Watch users.

Better in multiple areas.

This app has provided me a lot of info about my sleep that I previously guessed or bugged others. I agree this app should be included out of the box. This has helped me to manage Meds and my environment for better sleep.

Best information on sleep status

This app is packed with data sets on sleep time, sleep quality, heart rate, awake time, restlessness and more. It organizes these data into “sleep rings” that allows one to visualize data and use the information to understand what is happening during the sleep process. Awesome App!

Best choice

This is the third sleep app that I have downloaded, and by far the best.

Great And accurate app,Use it every day

Once adjusted to your sleep habits, which may take a few tries, it’s a very helpful and accurate sleep timer with lots of information in various categories. Possibly one of the best apps in this health field.

Great sleep monitoring app!

(App version 5.1.1) This app provides a lot of sleep data. The app worked immediately the first night of sleep after installing. I have not felt the need to make any adjustments to sensitivity, etc. You don’t need to have the app running for it to work, which is great. As stated, there is a lot of sleep data provided. This can look overwhelming, but after tapping through it to see what this and that is, it seems similar to the type of information I received when I had a Fitbit Charge 2. There is help information within the Settings tab of the iPhone app. The Apple Watch app works well and is provides similar information in a simpler fashion. This app is well worth the price ($2.99 I believe) and looks to be maintained well by the creator. This is great because nobody wants to pay for an app that never receives updates or support for users. If you have any trouble getting the app to work for you, I encourage you to make an effort to adjust the sensitivity settings.

Best gauge ever

I used the Fitbit for over two years and it really helped me gauge my sleep but this app on my Apple Watch is much better. It actually tells me a lot more about what is happening as I sleep. Most of my nights are good but when they are not, it reflects that also. It is definitely worth having.

Not working correctly

It seems to be only tracking a portion of my sleep. Abuse I watch and I phone X . Whatever it is automatically using to track my sleep, doesn't know when I'm asleep apparently.

Essential App to have, an eye opener!

Both this and the Heart apps are essential for me considering I have heart issues and a sleep-depriving job. Auto Sleep has led me to lifestyle-improving changes and awareness. Many thanks from a very happy user!

greatest apple watch sleep tracker

it’s worth it’s price

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